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Oregon Roses Inc

Greens and Floral Supplier

A message from Oregon Roses:

Oregon Roses is excited to announce Continental Floral Greens is now operating our farms and exclusively selling all Oregon Roses products. This alliance will combine product lines, increase distribution and production capabilities, to create a one-stop shop for current and new customers of both companies.

The entire Oregon Roses product line will now be offered exclusively through Continental Floral Greens. For existing customers of CFG please contact your sales rep for further information of these exciting new products. For Oregon Roses customers, a CFG sales rep will be contacting you very soon.

Click below to learn more about Continental Floral Greens or to get in touch with Continental Floral Greens directly.

About Us

Since 1940

Oregon Roses delivers Nature's message of beauty and goodwill, enriching the lives of the communities we faithfully serve.


Get in Touch

If you are looking to purchase our products, please contact or contact your Continental Floral Greens sales representative.

1804 NW Martin Rd    Forest Grove, OR 97116

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